How the Disney hit embodies Marianne Williamson's theory on Love vs. Fear.
  1. Elsa's hesitation to interact with her sister and kingdom
    Fear keeps us closed off and clammed up. Elsa's fear of hurting others with her powers demonstrates a mindset focused on Fear. When we turn our back on Love, Fear pushes us into solitude.
  2. Anna's determination to connect with her sister, find love and save the kingdom from Prince Hans
    When we turn toward Love we are open and connected with the world around us. Anna wants to reconnect with her sister, yearns for love in her own life and is determined to make right their frozen kingdom and Elsa's fear.
  3. The climax scene, when Anna freezes and Elsa weeps over her sister
    This (in my opinion) is the pinnacle and epitome of turning from Fear to Love. Elsa's fearful isolation has resulted in a cold and lonely world. But her innate love for Anna melts the freeze of her heart: she turns her focus from Fear toward Love, and her world warms.