Pros and Cons of Choosing Nutrition as Career Path

  1. P: I get to think about, look at and talk about food all the time.
  2. C: not everyone wants/likes to think about, look at and talk about food all the time.
  3. P: I would have the opportunity to help others journey back toward health.
  4. C: Not everyone is open to journeying back toward health.
  5. P: I'd be able to work in many different arenas and reach out to a wide variety of people
    Hospitals, clinics, private practice, colleges/universities, athletic departments/sport teams, diabetes care, chronic disease management, community education, community outreach, and the list goes on.
  6. P: I'd be able to teach at a college
  7. C: That means four more years of school
    I'm 23...
  8. C:
  9. P: I'd have the knowledge and skills to help my family be healthy and raise healthy kids
  10. C:
  11. P: Registered Dieticians are in high demand right now
    Job security
  12. C:
  13. P: depending on the population I'm working with I'd be able to incorporate an 'Art Therapy' approach
  14. C:
  15. P: my Psychology background adds depth to my understanding of people and their willingness to change behavior
  16. C:
  17. P: the Pros outweigh the Cons