In No Particular Order
  1. Picking My Nose
    Infantile. I DON'T KNOW WHY.
  2. Not Stretching After My Runs
    Stretching has long term muscular benefits. Everyone, get your stretch on!
  3. Not Getting Enough Sleep
    This does not help anything.
  4. Excessively Worrying About My Parent's Health and Happiness
    *Note: worrying itself is not abnormal. The subject however, is a bit atypical. If anyone has any advice on conquering this worry HMU ASAP.
  5. Spending Too Much Time On My Phone
    EVERYONE is guilty of this.
  6. Watching TV Before Bed
    Potentially why I haven't been getting enough sleep.
  7. Complaining
    I think I'm feeling overwhelmed by Life, so I'm outletting that negativity intead of Hope and Excitement.