This seemed like a good first list to make. I'm happy that my random results did not include any of the mirror selfies I send to my girlfriends and sisters when I buy new clothes online. Clothes that I inevitably return because my sister Carly tells me they aren't cool.
  1. My boyfriend Ian holding his nephew Mason who I think is sleeping.
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    I love babies in hats!
  2. Lee, Annie, Miranda and I at the Justin Bieber concert in DC.
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    This was before Bieber started peeing in buckets and spitting on Bill Clinton pictures, so it's not embarrassing that we paid an exorbitant amount of money for these tickets. Right....?
  3. Punny haunted house in New Orleans
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    This house is awesome. They always go all out for holiday decorations and Halloween was no exception. They had so many skeletons in the front yard labeled with different spooky puns. For example, a Skelton holding a bible with the caption "born again Christian."
  4. Preservation hall in New Orleans.
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  5. My nephew Tate and I in Cape May, NJ.
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    Tate is a major gooball. And I love his big eyes.