Requested by @Mary
This list is clearly not exhaustive, but a good start
  1. Pho Tau Bay
    West Bank location bought by Walmart (damn) and now I'm anxiously awaiting the CBD locale opening.
  2. The Joint
  3. Willie Mae's
    Fried Chicken
  4. Commander's Palace
    One of those famous restaurants you hear about that I feel actually lives up to the hype. It's fun to go somewhere super fancy and traditional sometimes! Practice portion control, as a dehabilitating full typically follows these meals.
  5. Sylvain
    Great for a more fancy feeling dinner in the French Quarter that won't break the bank
  6. Banana Blossom
    Best Thai in my opinion. On West Bank so car is required.
  7. Clancy's
    Best fancy uptown neighborhood restaurant in my opinion. @Mary and @bart may not be able to go back after the waiter overheard our conversation about butt wipes.
  8. Upperline
    4 courses for $40
  9. Pizza Delicious
    If you can get over the hipster's body odor, this dining experience is A+
  10. Manhattan Jack
    My favorite coffee shop, pastries are delicious.
  11. Vincent's
    Creole Italian fusion. Basically everything is cream based, beware stomach aches...
  12. Eat
    Great place to take out of towners, in FQ and has a menu with all the New Orleans staples, at a reasonable price!