@Mary @emmasmith @annieolszewski I need your suggestions!
  1. For a large period of time I had braces on my teeth without wires connecting them
  2. I wore my older brothers khaki pants to school
  3. I once made a pro con list about why my middle school crush and I should be together.
    The pros included- 1. We go to the same orthodontist and 2. He looks hot in a wife beater
  4. I would spend my Friday nights sifting through the Hollister graphic t sale section trying to find the PERFECT shirt with my middle school BFFs
  5. When you shook your coat upside down in English class and 30 used tissues came out!
    Suggested by @Mary
  6. High school edition: when you left hot chocolate in your locker for six months and it became rancid and then spilled on you and you had to go to French class and the whole school smelled horrible and everyone knew it was you! Love you maeveeee
    Suggested by @Mary