I think all of the things on this list are amplified if you are the youngest in a big family (youngest of 6 for me)
  1. You never get shotgun in the car, no matter how old you are, if an older sibling is around.
  2. You have the last pick of rooms on family vacations
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    This was my room on our most recent beach trip. Yes, that is a washer and dryer next to my pillow.
  3. You feel a constant desire to please your parents
    I think this is a super natural feeling to have as a child, no matter your birth order, but something about being the youngest makes you feel like you are MORE responsible for making your parents proud than other siblings were.
  4. Everyone in the family has an opinion on your choices
    My oldest sister changes jobs, buys a house, decides to have another baby, and no one says a peep. I decide that I think pink is my new favorite color and 7 loud people come hollerin' at me about their opinion on this topic. I know they are all trying to help but it can be exhausting!
  5. People don't take your life choices seriously
    I am 26 years old, my parents still introduce my boyfriend of 3 years as "Maeve's friend Ian." Enough said.
  6. Your older siblings expect you to have "learned from their mistakes."
    I really look up to my sisters and parents for advice and guidance. However, sometimes they give me very specific advice and I think wait a second at my age were doing exactly what you just told me not to do! I know they are just hoping I don't repeat some of their mistakes, but this one can be a real doozy.
  7. All in all, I love being the youngest and probably, if given the chance, wouldn't have it any other way and there are many perks (a list for another day)! I hope this list didn't come across as whiney, and that some of these things are relatable...