Kids say the darnedest things...the ones I nanny for are no exception
  1. What does God look like? I think he's green.
  2. Demi Lovato: what's wrong with being confident? 6 year old: NOTHING!!!!
  3. Did you have your blinker on? You know there's a car coming right? You should slow down...
  4. Did God make my shoes?
  5. Are we jaywalking?
  6. You should really clean your house...
  7. You can't know the password to my iPhone. It's a secret.
  8. Did God make these pretzels?
  9. My other babysitter ALWAYS lets me have dessert first
  10. My mom told me alcohol was a kind of peanut butter
  11. Wow. You eat a lot.
  12. You should go to the gym. That's what my mommy does.
  13. Can we watch Master Chef now?