Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright came to speak at my school and I got to interview her....of course nothing could go as planned. @madeleine
  1. I arrive at the interview room and take off my jacket, only to find that my blazer is now covered in extremely noticeable lint that refused to come off.
  2. I become very aware of the fact that none of my clothing fits me correctly.
  3. Secretary Albright is incredibly polite, funny, and well spoken. I promptly forget everything I intended to ask her.
  4. Some girl gets in my photo with the secretary. I become irrationally angry. (Inwardly)
  5. I make the moderator v angry with me because I misinterpret her hand signals and go way over the allotted time for the interview.
  6. We realize that nobody knows who the photo-ruining girl is. She runs away.
  7. Sneaky photo ruining girl who lied and said she was with us approaches my photographer and I in the hallway and asks us to send her the photo.
  8. We tell her to get lost.