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  1. 1.
    My closet is organized first by clothing type and then by color
  2. 2.
    I rarely wear skirts
  3. 3.
    I am like two steps below horder in terms of how much crap I own and can't get rid of
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I'm counting screen caps here people
  1. I needed the Arthur meme to passive aggressively tweet about how my dad makes us watch way too much Rachel Maddow these days. Look, I love her, but sometimes you just want to watch some damn basketball
  2. Just prepping for the Cavs-Bulls game and celebrating my No. 1 fav NBA player, the enchantingly handsome Kevin Love
  3. Had to download this to share on Facebook to a) promote my alma Mayer's annual day of giving money to the college, and b) to not be outdone by my friend who thinks she's so much better than me because of the sorority she was in and the fraternities her sexual partners belonged to, as if any of that shit matters.
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Upon Reflection, it seems I only read three new books??? I don't see how that's possible. This may be updated at a later time in case I remember what I actually read.
  1. Sick in the Head by Judd Apatow
    This would probably have made the list anyway. It's just Judd interviewing comedians and man it is great. Riveting, informative, hilarious, and wide-ranging. Would recommend to anyone.
  2. Wildflower by Drew Barrymore
    It was a pleasant read. It reminded me that I love Drew Barrymore. I don't think it would make the list in a year where I read more than 3 books.
  3. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
    It was good, but kind of boring since I saw the tv show which really covers everything from the book. The subsequent series has been excellent though. All in all, would recommend even though it took me ages to finish.
  1. Longchamp expandable travel bag
  2. Large Longchamp tote in light pink
  3. Literally every light pink cross body from Kate Spade
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I'm not saying I like them, just that they helped teach me sports when I was but a babe
  1. Dan Marino
  2. Dennis Rodman
  3. Michael Jordan
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Only Blake Griffin's position is non-negotiable
  1. Blake Griffin
  2. Deandre Jordan
  3. LeBron James
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  1. Pink Motorola Razr
    This one just crapped out after three-ish years of usefulness and making me feel cool when I definitely was not. RIP
  2. Black Envy2
    This one didn't die. It was a perfectly good phone. I was just a bratty college freshman who wanted a smartphone and whose contract had been up for at least a year.
  3. White iPhone 4s
    This one died when I was caught in a torrential downpour on my way to the rec my sophomore year. It was in my backpack but that didn't help. My mom did eventually resuscitate it and after getting me in loads of trouble it was given to my sister and worked for another two years.
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  1. Wow wow wow started the tone with that first call of unsportsmanlike conduct on the Pittsburgh coach
  2. Willie Gay should have never been penalized for that touchdown dance. Especially when you compare it to all the other insanity that happened.
  3. Shazier is a jerk. You can't hit a guy like that and run that far to the end zone after the whistle is blown. It's classless. And then the excessive sideline celebration? You make the whole organization look bad and I don't care that you were the one that forced the fumble at 1:50.
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I've had some of these since the fifth grade and some since three days ago and it feels like I will never get around to it
  1. The Fellowship of the Ring
  2. The Two Towers
  3. The Return of the King
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Modified from earlier this season
  1. Jeopardy
  2. The Mindy Project
  3. Casual
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