It was gently suggested and now here I am.
  1. I love wine but only spend money on merlot and pinot grigio. All other types of wine must be free or part of a winery tour.
  2. I am a pseudo-SNL buff in that I know a hella lot about it but have never seen even one Eddie Murphy sketch all the way through. I feel like that disqualifies me from being a true aficionado.
  3. I love professional sports, particularly football. I hate college sports. However, the opposite is true of basketball.
  4. Reading was my first love and something I excel at in that I read a lot of stuff. However, my analysis skills are lacking as I refuse to believe in things like symbolism
  5. No one is better at watching copious amounts of television in one sitting than me.
  6. I think Jimmy Kimmel Live is underrated
  7. I have taken classes for Spanish, French, Latin and Ancient Greek. Latin was the hardest and French was the worst.
  8. I will be naming my children after famous figures from antiquity, sorry to them in advance
  9. When I was 10 years old I was a die hard fan of The Apprentice for two seasons
  10. I could read every Harry Potter book a thousand times and never get bored
  11. I have stolen close to 50 paperback romance novels from my grandmother
  12. My top favorite food is tacos with spaghetti in a verrrrrry close second
  13. My favorite color is orange
  14. I aspire to the glamor level of Olivia Pope
  15. It is my opinion that Rome operates under no discernible laws
  16. I hate all fruit except apples
  17. Giraffes are my favorite animal and I collect them
  18. I am afraid of many things, mostly an assortment of animals and large inanimate objects - in short, very few truly scary things
  19. I will listen to any kind of music except metal
  20. I am a cat person and had the good fortune to own the softest cat in the world for 10 happy years
  21. I cannot dance, but that has never stopped me
  22. I believe in aliens and alternate universes for sure.
  23. Ghostbusters is in a three way tie for my favorite movie with Pocahontas and The Deer Hunter
  24. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is the most poignant movie I've ever seen
  25. I was in show choir in middle school
  26. John Mayer is my favorite solo act of the 21st century because I honestly believe he is the most talented guy with a guitar rn and has the voice of an angel. SORRY TAYLOR SWIFT/KATY PERRY/JESSICA SIMPSON ETC
  27. Lasagna is the only meal I actively enjoy preparing
  28. George Harrison is my favorite Beatle, but Paul McCartney is the most talented one
  29. I'm over dystopian YA novels
  30. Instagrams of food are a hard pass
  31. I think Bill Murray is a genius and we should all strive to live our lives a little more like him
  32. I do not enjoy wearing long sleeves
  33. If I could have anything from a super hero movie it would be Wolverine's claws
  34. Chris Pratt is my favorite famous Chris... I think.
  35. Chris Hemsworth is my ultimate celebrity crush. Or Bradley Cooper.
  36. Beards make the man, but like short well groomed ones - no lumberjack caveman business
  37. I have a friend who I think looks exactly like Taye Diggs
  38. I have seen the first 3 pirates of the Caribbean movies at least 10 times each and have a thing for captain jack sparrow.
  39. I have been to the Grand Canyon
  40. Being a camp counselor was the most rewarding thing I've ever done
  41. I think Jon Stewart might be the smartest person alive
  42. I hate brown clothing
  43. The Beatles Red Album Disc 1 is the first CD I leaned all the words to
  44. I quote Liz Lemon and/or Tina Fey nearly every day
  45. I think people who write musicals have the most amazing musical capabilities and envy their brains
  46. I do not like The Big Bang Theory, or really anything made by Chuck Lorre
  47. I love Mad Men and House of Cards but cannot binge watch them
  48. I believe Mindy Kaling is everything a 21st century woman should be
  49. I slowly might becoming nocturnal
  50. I am clumsy and have several scars all over my body as proof