Alternately titled: things I feel compelled to buy in my unending effort to actually go broke
  1. This teal long sleeved t-shirt dress from old navy that didn't have my size in store
    UPDATE: it is out of stock in my size 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 SECOND UPDATE: bought it in maroon
  2. Ditto a long sleeved white floral mini
    UPDATE: ordered it on sale for 50% off
  3. Some good ankle booties
    No suede, preferably no heel, nothing that gives the impression that have owned or ever will own a motorcycle. UPDATE: I got some. They are partially suede and after owning them for five days I have destroyed them as I knew I would.
  4. One of those felt floppy hats in maroon even though I have nowhere to wear such a thing and will feel like a poser
  5. A great top to wear to homecoming this weekend, preferably black and low cut
    UPDATE: did not achieve this goal
  6. Some good socks for boots that you can see the top of outside the boot? Every sorority girl on my social media has them. Where do they come from?
    UPDATE: achievement unlocked, thanks target!!!
  7. Some very tall riding boots
    Probably my toughest request given my fat calves
  8. Several maroon and/or gray sweaters
  9. Some circular, vaguely 90's sunglasses
  10. A new cross body bag, preferably the black one I saw at charming Charlie's.
    UPDATE: I got one. It's green but super cool
  11. Some tiny studs for my second ear piercing that don't turn my ears green and cause immense pain
    UPDATE: praise Jesus I bought some new studs finally
  12. A gold hoop nose ring
    UPDATE: i bought one, but it's too small.
  13. A gold or rose gold watch that is not drowning in rhinestones at a reasonable price
  14. Old school white Converse low tops