I very passionately pull for several teams but would never consider myself a fan per se. My love is too wholesome untainted by the realities of being a fan
  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
    My love here is primarily derived from the fact that I have this idea that if LA ever gets a team (which they absolutely should not) the league will steal this struggling team away. I just don't want change okay? And I just feel like there's so much potential and what about the good people of Jacksonville?
  2. Cincinnati Bengals
    Have you seen their uniforms? Add in Andy Dalton's ginger hair and beautiful face? Who doesn't like this team?
  3. Detroit Lions
    Li'l Matty Stafford seems just like the sweetest guy. And let's be real: Detroit deserves a good team. Plus Clavin Johnson is wildly talented and deserves more success.
  4. Buffalo Bills
    My mom is from Buffalo. And I secretly like Rex Ryan.
  5. Cleveland Browns
    You know what they say, Cleveland rocks. But seriously my whole family likes the Browns because we have extended family there? Idk, it's just taught to us as a thing we like.
  6. San Diego Chargers
    Philip Rivers deserves so much more than what he's been given here. Plus Antonio Gates slays on The League.
  7. Carolina Panthers
    Luke Kuechly is my future husband and it's a wife's job to support her man. That came out sounding very 1950s-y, but you know what I mean. Also my family has been involved with them since their creation in the early 90s.