Pictures on My Phone That Make Me Happy for Some Reason

Sure it's a preset list but I'm feeeeeelin it today
  1. Snowy Crim Dell
    Usually the Crim Dell is a disgusting and weird smelling pond. Is it a retention pond? I honestly don't know. But this one snow day I passed it insearch of food, and it was beautiful - an occurrence so singular I felt compelled to capture it.
  2. Maggie loves Rachel
    This is my little Rachel. This is from a magical snowy weekend in late February when many of our sorority family returned to campus.
    That same snowy weekend. My big big Jess was back as was my Canadian little little Hannah. This picture is full of so much joy and love.
  4. Spring Break
    Just two best friends finding surprisingly warm weather during an early March trip to the Outer Banks.
  5. Last Revelation
    I love these ladies so much and the fact that we were relatively color coordinated pleases me
  6. A terrifying date party
    These are my littles and me before a date party that ended with me nearly being thrown out for no reason and proceeding to have the worst social encounter of my entire life. But we looked great and that's the real appeal of this picture.
  7. I wish this was a joke.
    This is my friend's real license plate. Rachel and I died laughing when we saw it and both took pictures.
  8. ΔΦ Croquet
    Best philanthropy event of the year, even when it's freezing in late March
  9. Murry and Maggie
    This is my beautiful friend Mary. She is the BEST.
  10. Maggie and Courtney
    There are approximately 50 pictures just like this one on my phone right now.
  11. Formal
    Honestly my hair has never looked better. Also that's my friend Tori who is also looking flawless.
  12. The Three Best Friends that Anyone Could Have
    Maggie, Kelly and Becky make it to senior formal somehow.
  13. This is my best friend Jillian.
    A true beauty
  14. Italy Forever
    Many moons ago, the three of us took a picture like this in celebration that we were all going abroad to Italy. It has since been recreated with various degrees of success all over the world (but mostly on campus and that one time in Rome)
  15. We did it!
    This is my true soulmate friend, Kelly. Despite being the two biggest threats to our sorority since the spring of our sophomore year, we made it to our senior formal. Honestly that is our biggest accomplishment in college.
  16. I brought a date!
    This is Zeb. He is the only male date I ever brought to anything. He was a good date too.
  17. True Friendship
    Jillian and I were a friend's second and third dates to her senior formal. Here we are having a very intense gin induced heart to heart. We were asked to leave the formal after thirty minutes.
  18. Papers on Papers
    One time I wrote about a thousand papers in one week and filled an entire reshelving shelf completely on my own. Some may consider this tragic. I consider it beautiful. Plus I just love library books.
  19. Nature is Magic
    Seriously how is this real
  20. Liv and Mag
    You can tell from my duck face that I am feeeeeeeeeelin myself
  21. Last Mixer
    Celebrating friendship the best way I know how
  22. Frosh
    This is highly reminiscent of my freshman year in a weird but good way
  23. Best Friend Bell Ring
    These are my best friends from my graduating class in my sorority and we rang the Wren bell together on the last day of class, a pretty big tradition. After this I ran to go print out a paper for a class that I had meant to print out and turn in the day before. Typical.
  24. Gibbs
    1) this is straight up joy 2) Gibbs is who I know listens to me when I talk about the past and will carry on the stories for future generations
  25. 400
    Only my favorite back porch in the entire world
  26. Friendship Confirmed
    Jack and I cemented out friendship in this beautiful picture.
  27. TJ
    Well here we are. This is pretty much me at my core.
  28. Post-Brunch
    My little and little little and little little little reassured me in this moment that they would be okay after I was gone.
  29. Homecoming 2k13
    The only picture in which the color of our eyes is discernable
  30. Jesse and Clipper
    Makes me laugh every time
  31. Graduation
    I really love this picture but I never even put it on Facebook so now here it is
  32. My People
    Getting ready to walk out to Commencement!!!!
  33. TJ
    A TJ for all occasions
    Look I got my diploma, and from my favorite professor no less
  35. Tour de Bars
    Best friends wearing the same shirt as they hit every bar on their last night in Williamsburg
  36. Kelly's Hubcap
    This hung over our mantle for a long time. I hated it so much but now I miss it
  37. Greek Festival
    Σιμι φιλέλλην
  38. Cookie
    I miss my sweet cat every day. This picture captured her soul.
  39. Best fam photo all time
    Happy b-day Jillian. Slash ISKISKISKISKISKISKISK
  40. Diesel
  41. Camp Manito-wish
    I come here and am renewed
  42. Best mail I ever received
    Ok maybe my college acceptance was better but I can't wait to stand up with my best friend on her big day
  43. Tori and Maggie
    I like the photos that are taken before anyone's ready. They're just better, but no one wants to see them on Facebook. Lame.
  44. Crashing
    Just some graduates pretending that's not true
  45. Liv and Mag Part II
    The story of a girl and her little little little
  46. This is how I always want to look
    Messy hair, great make-up, the perfect sweater, and sweatpants all on a Sunday spent watching football, the best sport of all time
  47. Folk Festival
    Shout out to Livia for catching me mid-rant
  48. Sisters
    My face, Virginia's hair
    We look gross but happy. Plus Mary in the background really makes it.
  50. Homecoming 2k15
  51. College Delly
    As is tradition my best best friends and I hole up at College all day Saturday. We should have taken a proper picture since we have none from the last year, but this will do for now
  52. Paul's
    Second tradition, go to Paul's Saturday night.
  53. Halloween
    I was home alone dressed as Han Solo. I would have wanted a better photo, maybe full-length, but I like how this turned out.
  54. Voting
    As you can kind of tell, I voted in my local election. Yay embracing civic duty!!