In no particular order, incomplete list
  1. The Nerds
    I love every single single one of these
  2. Sarah Palin rap
    Technically not a sketch
  3. That little girl with wayyyy to much energy that Gilda Radner did. Kind of a precursor to Mary Katherine Gallagher.
  4. The Coffee Talk with Madonna, Roseanne, and Barbra Streisand
  5. Super hero dinner and/or Halloween party
  6. I wish it was Christmas today
  7. Stefan
    Also not technically a sketch
  8. The Super Bowl XLVIII musical cold open
  9. Any celebrity jeopardy
  10. 2016 first democratic primary debate
  11. PSA for extremely stupid people
  12. When Justin Timberlake comes on weekend update and does a rundown of the show he would have done
    Oops still not a sketch
  13. Target Lady with Ben Affleck as the UPS guy
    Alternately Target Lady with Justin Timberlake as her best friend peg
  14. Celebrities welcome Blue Ivy at Jay-Z and Beyonce's
  15. The first Dooneese sketch
  16. The Californians
  17. Melissa McCarthy in the one where she is trying to take down a mob and there's yogurt and dream boards
  18. Taran Killam doing an old man from Atlanta during that snowstorm that resulted in crazy traffic on the highways
    Sorry also not a sketch
  19. Hip Hop Kids
    With Ryan Phillippe
  20. Grape Attack
    Ashton Kutcher and Will Forte