1. Wow wow wow started the tone with that first call of unsportsmanlike conduct on the Pittsburgh coach
  2. Willie Gay should have never been penalized for that touchdown dance. Especially when you compare it to all the other insanity that happened.
  3. Shazier is a jerk. You can't hit a guy like that and run that far to the end zone after the whistle is blown. It's classless. And then the excessive sideline celebration? You make the whole organization look bad and I don't care that you were the one that forced the fumble at 1:50.
  4. That Martayvis Bryant TD was extraordinary and special; Martayvis Bryant is probably not.
  5. No one should have been surprised that Burfict was coming for Roethlisberger after the fumble was confirmed so really that's on the o-line for letting him get to him and take him down like that. I have no complaints about the hit other than he should have never gotten to Roethlisberger in the first place.
  6. I'd be willing to bet quite a bit of money that James Harrison was benched for awhile to avoid a reckless revenge scenario
  7. That second Burfict hit on Brown obviously was intentional. As I said and Ladanian Tomlinson confirmed, you don't drop your shoulder to avoid hitting someone.
    LT said this in response to Deion Sanders saying it was an accident and a fine hit. These Sanders comments really riled up my family and I don't think we can ever talk about that part of the game again. Like, it has caused a deep divide because of how we are all interpreting and dealing with Deion's insanity.
  8. Pacman Jones probably shouldn't have been so surprised the ref called a personal foul after he got pushed. Seriously I saw Elvis Dumervil get ejected from a game years ago in Denver just for accidentally hitting a ref's hand, so 24 should probably be thankful it wasn't worse.
  9. Pretty sure Pittsburgh #93 grabbing Coach Tomlin after the game winning field goal was in part out of joy and in part to keep him from doing something stupid.
  10. The Steelers shouldn't have left the field without shaking hands. I am extremely disappointed in that lack of sportsmanship and discipline.
    That said, based on the fact that they had refs guarding the 50 yard line during warm ups, and the sheer number of fights, skirmishes, shoves and hard hits throughout the course of the game and the insane tension that came to a head with 18 seconds left, I have a working theory that they were asked to leave to avoid a mini riot. Martayvis Bryant shouldn't have stuck his tongue out and waved though- it's childish and immature and I just can't.
  11. In all, I think I saw 4 penalties that were related to actual game play and a million for conduct and behavior. This seems like it should be impossible.
  12. Both head coaches should have never let the situation escalate to where it got and both teams look bad, Coach Cowher is right
    Incidentally this ties in nicely for my #coachcowherforpresident campaign
  13. I don't think that Pittsburgh can win in Denver next week without Antonio Brown
    That said, it's been 5 years so they're due for a super bowl and ben's not getting any younger
  14. I cannot help but feel none of this would have happened if Andy Dalton had been able to play instead of AJ McCarron.
  15. The head ref was ridiculous. He was slow and tried too hard to show he wasn't going to but up with any Norman-OBJ bullshit, and it think that just made the whole thing worse
  16. It did not feel good to be a Pittsburgh fan today