Mindy Kaling answered this question for Amazon, so naturally as the book nerd I am *I'm* answering it here
  1. Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
    As a longtime Aziz fan, I was always going to read this book. However I was surprised by the amount of research he and his coauthor actually did to come up with really solid dating advice for the 21st century. It made being single feel a lot more okay and gave me faith that I have the tools and ability to find someone someday. Plus, it was just so, so funny.
  2. One More Thing by BJ Novak
    Generally I hate short stories, but these weren't moralistic or preachy. They were just funny and full of curiosity. A completely unique book I'm sure I'll read again and again.
  3. Live From New York
    Every SNL nerd's dream. It wasn't funny, exactly, but rather full of behind the scenes stories that range from the conception and creation of the show to the crazy hook ups and drugs to the impossibly sad deaths. Other than those deceased, the only major voice missing is Eddie Murphy. Just fascinating and perfect