Things I Need to Happen Immediately

4:15 PM, October 27, 2015
  1. My stomach to stop aching from the bad potato I ate
  2. Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick to make up
  3. A hug from any or all of my best friends
  4. To brush my hair
  5. A nap
  6. To figure out what to wear to my job interview tomorrow
  7. Pretzels but my dad ate all of them
  8. My mom to find a heretofore unknown-to-her level of chill
  9. New Girl to be back on, or at least for season 4 to be on Netflix
  10. A Hulu Plus account even though I don't think it's called that anymore
  11. More Adele
  12. Movie ticket to Rock the Kasbah
  13. To know whether or not this one guy likes me even a little bit. Not even romantically, just as a human person
  14. An album as good as Paul McCartney's "All The Best" to listen to while I make lasagne later
  15. A less harsh and more effective skincare routine
  16. To set the DVR to record Wicked City without anyone noticing
  17. Cashews