But no one's asking
  1. Designing NFL uniforms
  2. Commentator on Fashion Police
  3. NFL sideline reporter
  4. Personal assistant/best friend to Mindy Kaling
  5. Being best friends with every SNL cast member ever
  6. Taking Americans to Rome and teaching them about all the ancient stuff
    Note: this is my real life dream job
  7. Interior decorator
  8. TV critic
  9. Having a tv show where I just spout out all of my opinions on everything from presidential elections to Kourtney Kardashian
  10. Professional baby namer
  11. Working in the White House in some capacity
  12. College professor
    Too bad I'm never getting my PhD
  13. Duet vocalist
    Like me and some talented male singer doing covers of great songs
  14. Running a sorority on a national level
    Don't worry though. I'd never actually do that to myself. I just think I'd be good at it.
  15. Outdoor adventure worker
  16. Socialite/independently wealthy person who can buy designer clothes and travel all over the world whenever I want
  17. Being a real life Blair Waldorf
  18. Professional focus group member
  19. One of the ladies who works at Kleinfeld's on Say Yes to the Dress
  20. Competitor on Four Weddings
  21. Sports commentator
  22. Working at a fashion magazine, like a clacker from The Devil Wears Prada
  23. Befriending/mentoring professional athletes