A brief survey of my brain during the most recent episode
  1. When did literally every person become a crazy liar?
  2. Why is Annalise crazy?
  3. Team Connor
  4. What even is going on with Asher and that Sinclair woman?
  5. What happened when Asher was younger? Did he kill that blonde girl?
  6. Season 1 was better
  7. Laurel and Frank Laurel and Frank Laurel and Frank
    Uh wow
  8. I hate this Sinclair woman only marginally more than Annalise
  9. I think the murder siblings are fantastic
  10. Wes is the worst character I've ever had the displeasure of having to see
  11. I hate everything that has to do with Rebecca
  12. This show is off the rails
  13. EDIT: thank god they turned on Wes and his endless stupidity