In the order in which I enjoyed them
  1. Americanah - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
    Loved everything about this - characters, structure, the occasional dips into incisive racial commentary. Highly recommended. You may know Ms. Adichie from her spoken interlude in Beyonce's Flawless.
  2. American Wife - Curtis Sittenfeld
    This is the book loosely based on Laura Bush's life and though I'm only 100 pages in it's a pleasure to pick it up to continue.
  3. Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
    I'm like 3 years late on this, I know. And the surprise had been spoiled for me going in. But hoo boy did I enjoy that passage on the "cool girl" and men's expectations of women (and vice versa, to a certain, psychotic extent).
  4. Bad Feminist - Roxane Gay
    Roxane is a writer and Internet personality you should get to know. I wish some of the essays here went a little deeper but my expectations going in were really, really high, so that could be on me. Still a lot of good stuff here, though.
  5. The Wallcreeper - Nell Zink
    A book club pick that was bizarre and sort of plotless but I appreciated the bizarreness of it.
  6. We Are Anonymous - Parmy Olson
    I definitely have a much better sense of what Anonymous is, beyond the Guy Fawkes mask. Kind of a deep dive, so I'd advise being truly interested in the subject if you pick it up.
  7. Stringer - Anjan Sundaram
    The premise sounds amazing: a guy quits his PhD in math and turns down a job offer from Goldman Sachs to work as a stringer for the AP in Congo. But the book felt like a series of anecdotes and while the author alluded to crazy shit happening around him (CIA agents posing as wildlife conservationists during the elections) the book glossed over it, dedicating pages to a barge crossing and what he ate for dinner. Go back to the conservationists!
  8. Queen of the South - Arturo Perez-Reverte
    Another book club pick. Meh.
  9. Tropic of Orange - Karen Tei Yamashita
    Book club pick that I aggressively disliked.