Here you go, @sally. Ms. Atwater mainly represents herself.
  1. Pigeon v Atwater
    The attorney at dog served in pro per, ie as her own attorney, when Pigeon alleged that he was just minding his business on the sidewalk when Tally lunged at her and tried to eat her. The court found Tally guilty; her only argument was that Pigeon has wings and shouldn't be on the ground. That's right, she used the "he was asking for it" defense.
  2. Atwater v Prop Deer
    (Some TV show or movie was shooting on our block and a prop guy was carrying a life size, faux deer carcass down the street.) Atwater, in pro per, alleges fraud and mental distress. The court finds the prop deer guilty on the charge of fraud but awards no damages for distress.
  3. Michalowicz v Atwater
    Ms. Atwater was found having broken into the garbage and eaten rotten food and licked the insides of yogurt containers. I allege the dog knows she's not allowed to eat garbage, as evidenced by the way she hid when I returned. Atwater argues that plaintiff should have secured the garbage, she's a dog. Atwater wins.
  4. Atwater v Neighborhood Chihuaha
    Atwater alleges Chihuaha shouldn't bark at her so much; it causes emotional distress and makes her cry. Chihuaha argues that Atwater outweighs her by 35 pounds. Court finds for Chihuaha.
  5. Pro Bone-o work
  6. Pre trial work
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    Performing discovery (mainly with her nose), serving interrogatories (also with her nose), deposing the toys in her toy basket. She bills two treats per hour.