You have some foods for the first time and then you spend the rest of your life trying to replicate that high
  1. Public swimming pool snack bar nachos
    Velveeta cheese 4evr. The 90s.
  2. Seared scallops
    Portland, 1998. Date night with my college boyfriend. I'd never seen scallops so big and cooked in some kind of creamy citrus situation.
  3. Thai food
    Specifically spicy Thai basil in Sydney, Australia while I was studying abroad, 1999. Huge southeast Asian community in Australia and the food is amazing.
  4. Pick-a-Bagel plain bagel with scallion cream cheese
    These geniuses in NY put scallions directly in the cream cheese! My meal of choice while living in NY in 2003 and broke and the 1/4 lb of cream cheese they slathered in each bagel kept me full for the morning.
  5. Sushi crunch roll
    Pangea, 2003. Also a meal I counted on to feed me while broke in NY because promoters ordered it in da club and I ate way more than my share. Tempura crumbs soaked in some kind of sweet/savory mead.
  6. Garbage tekka maki
    Tokyo convenience store sushi, 2003. I will eat any shady grocery store tuna roll.
  7. The perfect butter lettuce salad
    Brunch at Prune in NY in 2006 or so with this creamy, lemony dressing.
  8. Avocado and tomato with sea salt
    A boyfriend who was otherwise horrible put very fancy rock salt on perfectly ripe avocado and tomatoes in 2006 and it was a game changer.
  9. Food truck potato taco
    The truck went out of business. Malo's version is close. But not quite. It's mashed potatoes and cheese in a deep fried shell. 2009.