In order of enjoyment
  1. Tokyo, Japan
    Japan has the most amazing assortment of crazy foods and tiny, individually wrapped snack items. The sheer variety and bizarre flavors is intense. But also the packaging generally only has kanji (ie Japanese symbols) so there was a lot of guessing about what flavors of things I was buying. I was there working as a model and my manager mocked me for the sheer volume of convenience store sushi I ate (better quality than you expect).
  2. Sydney, Australia
    This was my semester abroad and my first time out of the country alone, so it felt very grown up and cosmopolitan to be shopping there. But also there's a huge community of south Asian immigrants so there was a great selection of noodles and sauces and weird vegetables. I had my first Thai food in Sydney and I've been chasing that dragon ever since. Also, two words: Tim Tams.
  3. Milan, Italy
    The yogurt, man, the yogurt. Europeans just understand yogurt. Also: prosciutto. And ham. All kinds of it. I was there for a month and primarily lived off yogurt, pork and caprese sandwiches from a sandwich shop near my agency where I could never get the Italian speaking woman to understand I wanted them heated up. Also, sadly, pasta with canned sauce because I was living in a model's apt with 3 Russians and 2 Germans and no one seemed to know where to go eat. Also, we were broke.
  4. Warsaw, Poland
    The Poles are so averse to fresh vegetables that a coworker (I was there working on a TV show) and I used to talk about the Whole Foods salad bar in dreamy tones. The situation was so dire I broke 6 years of veg/pescetarianism and started eating meat again because I was so damn hungry. (I was eating cereal for 2 meals a day.) But I'll give 'em props for their yogurt (Europe!) and assorted sausage. Also the exchange rate was amazing so buying days' worth of food somehow never cost more than $20.