We're going to Rainbow Basin, y'all!
  1. Rainbow Basin Natural Area is about 8 miles north of Barstow, which is 2 hours-ish away from LA.
    Your Google maps or what have you will give you accurate directions.
  2. You will be driving on about 5 miles of unpaved roads once you're in the area.
    My Prius was fine, though I drove with an abundance of caution because there are zero services once you turn off the paved roads and I saw few people/cars. Gas up your whip. Get comfortable with the idea of squatting behind rocks to pee.
  3. Take the turn for the scenic loop drive.
    Mars roving!
  4. Halfway through the loop you'll reach a parking area marked with a sign that has binoculars on it.
  5. Now it's time to explore!
    Tip: there's no cell service and it's easy to get lost in canyons that all start looking the same. Follow washes in and out and don't try to get clever.
  6. If you know geology (I don't) this is like your porn.
  7. There's a reason for the "rainbow" moniker.
    Hashtag no filter.
  8. Spend some time thinking about Bobak, the NASA mohawk guy.
  9. Take a selfie with a green rock.
  10. The way out is not marked.
    You'll get to a yield sign and three possible directions to go. Turn left and you'll soon be back on the road that led you in.
  11. Then drive home and eat something terrible for you on the road. You deserve it.