If there's a multiverse then it's likely there's an alternate version of all of us. In this one, Taylor is punk as fuck. Inspired by a comment I made on a @mandi list.
  1. You Are More Than Your Hymen
  2. Daddy, I'm Gettin Emancipated
    Love Story
  3. He's Not That Bright (If He Can't Picture You Without Glasses)
    You Belong With Me
  4. I've Bought Things At Gas Stations I Care About More Than You
  5. U Still Talking?
  6. Dick Is Abundant and Low Value*
    I Knew You Were Trouble *That phrase is courtesy @moscaddie on Twitter who runs Critique My Dick Pic and is a New Zealand-born attorney living in London and a shining feminist beacon/champion of women.
  7. Fuck With Me and I Kill U
    Blank Space
  8. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
    This one stands. Punk as hell. But the whole song would be the delivered in the sing/talk "exhaaaausted" voice.