Didn't get that first check until I was 33, FYI (Inspired by @ouizoid)
  1. Hello Kitty (Sanrio) store clerk (age 16)
    This is maybe why I don't like Christmas.
  2. Gave swim lessons (age 17)
  3. College bookstore clerk (age 19)
  4. Office assistant for a legal research company (age 21)
  5. Office temp (age 22)
    "Fun" fact: I had a gig in the WTC a week before 9/11.
  6. Model (ages 22-25)
    New York, Tokyo, Milan, LA. I only really made money in Tokyo, which subsidized the other markets.
  7. Deposition transcript proofreader (age 26-27)
  8. Legal secretary (age 27-33)
  9. Freelance work
    Script reading/coverage, copywriting/editing, SEO blogging