There is no law that says you must follow tradition and let's be honest: there's a reason no one eats turkey any other time of year
  1. Give yourself permission to do whatever you want - the stakes here are much lower than they seem
    It took me a long time to realize that I disliked Nov-Dec because of the expectations people put on them, not because I'm a grinch. You must be thankful! You must be happy! You must spend time with your family! You must eat this bizarre combination of foods! (You guys, we put marshmallows on root vegetables.) But there is literally no reason you MUST do these things if it's not your jam.
  2. Ask yourself for whom you are doing these things that may not be your jam
    In my case, it was to please others and go with the flow. I also realized I didn't want something to do/some place to be as much as I wanted to have a socially acceptable answer for "What are you doing for the holidays?" People look at you weird when you don't have one of like 3 "normal" answers. Why was I making plans just so I could SAY I had plans?
  3. Aside: it's very possible I just have an authority problem
    The "It's the holidays!" Refrain that's used to guilt people into that extra ______ (usually a thing you either don't want or know you shouldn't do/have) sounds a lot like parents saying "Because I said so!" To me. There's a good chance I'm still 6 years old and don't like being told what to do. It should also be noted that I relish alone time. Alone is my normal mode of operation.
  4. Free your mind, the rest will follow
    En Vogue was onto something. I gave myself permission to do and eat whatever the fuck I wanted on those days where there's usually a prescribed set of activities and menu. (Guys, we put cranberries on meat. WTF is that?)
  5. So today I went to ballet in the morning
    ListApp introduced me to @tothemaxxx and our shared love of Thai noodles, which we put in our faces last night and I think this carbo loading is partially responsible for how good I felt during this class packed with all my ballet buddies.
  6. And then I worked on the notes/edit for this novel
  7. And then I ate the delicious, random things I got yesterday
    A whole mess of shrimp cocktail, two kinds of tuna poke (pescetarian in da house), Humboldt fog and some soft French cheese, pudding and will shortly be starting on the better part of a bottle of Tempranillo.
  8. I Netflix and chilled with the attorney at dog
  9. And thought fondly of other Thanksgivings I'd been invited to by friends and family
    Hiiiii @mandi your family is my favorite/please adopt me but I was ok with the fact that for this one I was eating cheese off a knife in my sweatpants.