Or am rejecting wholesale
  1. That I should lie about my age or cringe and be ashamed when I say it
    Full disclosure: I instinctually cringe. Like I said, trying not to internalize.
  2. That I'm undateable
    Very dateable. But not really willing to put up with much nonsense.
  3. Panic! Panic about having kids!
    This isn't a priority for every woman and a woman is not somehow incomplete without having given birth.
  4. That if you "look younger" you're okay
    No, you're okay because your lived experience is worth more than skin elasticity.
  5. That I should be desperately casting about for products or procedures to make me look younger
    What an incredible scam the patriarchy and beauty industry pulled! If I wasn't its target, I might admire the evil genius of convincing women they need to spend the 77 cents on the dollar they make compared to men in order to attract one, or to just fit some ideal of Woman that is neither defined nor truly attainable. I mean, hats off. (Full disclosure: most of the makeup I buy is the kind that makes you look like you're not wearing makeup, so who's the sucker?)
  6. That I'm too old to wear a romper
    I don't actually own one and haven't worn one since I was 8. But maybe now is the time. It's definitely not NOT the time.