1. Made a giant pot of creamy spinach-y pasta at the beginning of the week that insured I had a proper lunch waiting for me in the fridge for days
    Sometimes if I'm busy I'll just forget it or skip it if it feels like too much work to forage for food. Also, leftovers are my jam.
  2. Did a swim workout for the first time in many months but still managed to lap the guy with whom I was splitting a lane and all the menfolk in surrounding lanes
    My breaststroke was faster than their freestyle. (But I used to be a breaststroker, so.) Dudes always be jumping in my lane, looking all cocky but don't underestimate the former competitive swimmer, bro!
  3. A pitch went well
    I always feel like I'm about to barf in these things and I get flop sweats but I managed to make my voice sound steady and there was no stumbling over words. And they responded well to the idea in the room.
  4. Soaked some things that needed it in Oxiclean and did laundry
    Seriously, Oxiclean is a miracle. Throw all of your stained things (even if they've been washed and dried already) or dingy whites in a bucket and let it sit overnight and you'll be all 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  5. Only allowed my overnight bag from @mandi's wedding to sit for 2 (ok, 3) days before I unpacked and put everything away. There have been times where it's taken me upwards of a week to unpack.