1. Using Amp 97.1 as my wake up music on my clock radio
  2. Going DEEP with Facebook and Insta stalking
    Hiiiiii I know a lot about your new girlfriend.
  3. Ordering crunch rolls at sushi
  4. Eating the last bite of a shared dish
    I'm HUNGRY and y'all are just sitting there. Someone's gotta eat it.
  5. Declining to order a bunch of things for the table and keeping my entree for myself
    I just want the thing I want, ok?!?
  6. Being drunk and plugging my phone into a guy's car to play Beyonce
    Shout-singing Drunk in Love.
  7. Using legal pads and cheap ballpoint pens for writing/work notes
    I refuse to join the cult of Moleskine.
  8. Croutons on my salad from the salad bar
    So many croutons.
  9. Reusing spent dryer sheets as Swiffer/dust cloths