This was Mormon country and I am 100% serious about all of these
  1. "Modest is hottest"
    This was a strategy to try to convince the teens that the fashions they saw in magazines could be adapted so that they would not commit the sin of temptation. So, a t-shirt was always worn under tank tops. Bike shorts or capris went under skirts and shorts. Below the knee shorts were a thing. As were maxi dresses before they became popular. There was a fair share of French braids.
  2. Not smoking
  3. Not drinking
  4. Abstinence
    We knew one girl who had made out with her boyfriend. She was seen as a heathen.
  5. Pranks
    When you're not smoking, drinking or having sex, you gotta do something on the weekends. A favorite of my crew was the old fake vomit trick. We'd pull up to a red light, the designated vomiter would fill their mouth w dry oatmeal and orange juice and then they'd lean out the window and pretend to be sick. We thought it was hilarious.
  6. Elaborate dance proposals
    Utah was onto this schtick way before the youth of today.
  7. Grease sing-a-longs at school dances
    The boys would get on one side and girls on the other and we'd take the appropriate parts for Summer Loving.
  8. Talking about the General Conference and Young Men/Women's groups
    I wasn't Mormon so I just kind of nodded along.
  9. Driving around listening to ska, smoking candy cigarettes
    We thought we were soooo cool and bad.