1. Grey's Anatomy
    Cristina Yang is my everything. As was this years' plot line between Meredith and Derek where she was like, "No, your job is not more important than mine by default."
  2. Staying in
    Especially on weekends. Weekends are for amateurs. There are Grey's episodes that need watching.
  3. Monogamous relationships
    I'm all for everyone having casual/hook up sex, if that's what they want. Especially the ladies. It's 2015! Get yours, girl. But I never enjoyed it and when I admitted to myself and potential partners I wasn't that kind of Liberated Woman I felt far more...liberated.
  4. Top 40 pop
    What is it that you sing in the car if not Katy Perry's oeuvre, you monster?
  5. Bread/carbs
    I ❤️gluten.
  6. American cheese
    What do you make your grilled cheeses with, you monster?