I'm visiting my parents this week. Merge onto I-15 N and proceed for 620 miles.
  1. The abandoned water park between Barstow and Baker
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    I stopped here a couple of years ago before they fenced it up and explored. People had clearly camped there and artists had tagged it with this skull graphic. The place has a super sinister energy. I don't know how to explain it.
  2. Baker, CA and the giant thermometer that can tell you how stupid hot it is
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    I like stopping here even if I don't need gas. Has a cool middle of nowhere vibe.
  3. Side note: the Mojave Natl Preserve is below (east?) of Baker
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    If you really want to be in the middle of nowhere. Turn right instead of left at the Kelbaker Road exit. Except maybe turn left first and get gas/supplies because there are no services in the preserve.
  4. Vegas. Keep driving.
  5. St. George, UT
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    Good lunch stop since it's halfway. I may or may not have made sure there was an In n Out in the area before I left. I may or may not know where all of them are on this route. These red rocks were behind, like, a gas station.
  6. Central Utah
    Juab County, pronounced Jew-ab, which has always sounded like a slur to me: billboards about choosing life instead of abortion, billboards for missionary services, lots of mountains, postcard fields full of cattle.
  7. Beaver, UT
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    Beaver has the best bathrooms along this route and also nice areas for the dog with which you're traveling to pad around. Also, If you don't giggle at the name, you're too mature.
  8. Provo and BYU
    Things start looking very shiny and clean here.
  9. Spanish Fork, American Fork
    If you have a real Utah accent, it sounds like "Fark." Also, you might drink a glass of malk down by the crick or maybe with your begel (bagel).
  10. And then you've arrived at your destination, about 10 hours later!
    In n Out available in Midvale, the suburb in which my parents live.