If you're an LA/SoCal person, it's an hour or so away
  1. Do you love animals? I love animals.
    Love them in a way that I was sure I was going to be a veterinarian since I was about 10 and toured colleges with strong pre vet programs. But in my first Chem 101 class it was immediately clear I didn't really have an aptitude for this.
  2. So now I take any opportunity for an animal-related activity
  3. Farm Sanctuary rescues animals from grim factory farming/slaughterhouse situations
    The tour includes a video about their mission and the sheep found on a pile of dead animals covered in maggots that was their first rescue, as well as the cruel realities of factory farming and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. That's the speech you get at every stop.
  4. But while they're telling you the saddest stories about killing animals you get to pet all the animals!
    It's $10, FYI.
  5. Like Bruno the cow who likes to chill with my friend
  6. And Henrietta the chicken who says hi by pecking you (but it doesn't hurt because she's been debeaked 😢)
  7. Madeline the turkey crawled into my lap and we are now BFFs
  8. SHEEP
    Mary, up at the front left there, loudly baaaaaaaa'd at us like 5 times and it was funny as hell.
  9. GOATS
  10. I joined a band. We're Calvin and the Calvinettes
  11. So while the point of the tour is clearly to suggest you reevaluate your diet, the vibe is very friendly and non judgey
    After we got there, my friend realized she was wearing leather boots and had a leather bag, but when our tour guide noticed a goat nibbling on it, she just told her to watch out and didn't comment on the kind of beef jerky/quasi cannibal nature of the situation. (But they are totally willing to give you tips on replacing protein.)