This happened to a guy I used to work with. Dedicated to him.
  1. Alone, on the beach. Sunning on a beach towel
  2. (I think Those two girls are checking me out.)
  3. (They are really giggling. Like, a lot.)
  4. *Nods head.* *Raises eyebrows at the girls.* "Hey."
  5. They laugh even harder
  6. (Wow. They want me so bad.)
    (That's never happened before. Am I releasing pheromones or something?)
  7. (A middle-aged woman is coming up to me now.)
    (Damn! 🎶I am looking good toDAY!🎶)
  8. She starts to speak...
    (Ohmygod, everybody wants it today!)
  9. "You're showing."
  10. *Blank Stare*
  11. "You're showing."
  12. The fuck does that mean? "huh?"
  13. She points to my crotch. "You're showing."
    (hell yeah she wants it!)
  14. That's when I notice my balls hanging out of the huge tear in my swim trunks.