I owe it to the ol metro area after my hateful list ANNOYANCES YOU'RE FORCED TO DEAL WITH LIVING IN THE DC METRO AREA
  1. NBC4 Wendy Reiger is always such a hot mess
    It's great. She's like a post-meltdown female Ron Burgundy. Coming back from commercial, her hair's all messed up, lipstick is slightly crooked. There was that one snowstorm, where I suspect she was stuck at the studio, and she was obviously drunk and going all cougar on the 3rd-string weather guy. I could watch that all day.
  2. Ledo Pizza
  3. Washington Post
    Back when reading newspapers was a thing people did this was a bigger deal. You never know how good you have it until you live somewhere else for a while- I've been told that a certain publication with decent readership placed the Challenger disaster on page 4 the day after. The front page was devoted to some local tax issue.
  4. Free museums and zoo
    I was so scandalized the first time I went to a museum in another city.
  5. Ocean, Bay, Mountains
    All in one state
  6. Four distinct seasons