You know that song that sounds like Florence and the Machine had a secret baby with Awol Nation? Love this song but I always forget the lyrics:
  1. Slap that ass and fuck me like a panda?
  2. Sell your house Ann, to the highest bidder?
  3. Spank this trout and stuff it in the blender?
  4. Stop this truck and punch me in the liver?
  5. Snap his snout in the 3-ring binder?
  6. Pop and lock like a sloppy meat grinder?
  7. Drop your bike in the lot behind my trailer?
  8. Hold your nose and vote the lesser evil?
  9. Pull my hair and rub it on the keister?
  10. Split the check, then pocket the remainder?
  11. Hold your breath and slap me with the weasel?
  12. Static
  13. Giphy