Cuz it's not like you could just hang up a sign informing drivers of the fact that they are now in the nation's Capitol
  1. Yellow and white lane markings have completely disappeared from the road
    Those were just distracting the drivers anyway.
  2. Lanes go away, become turn-only lanes, re-appear seemingly at random and with no warning
    "Because Fuck You, that's why!" -DC Department of Transportation chief, probably.
  3. Fun Fact: all of the traffic circles were inspired by the work of Hieronymus Bosch!
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  4. Traffic Light enclosures are black instead of yellow
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    Does any other city do this or is this just a DC thing?
  5. Traffic lights are on the side, instead of overhead
    Because visible stop lights are for pussies.
  6. I wouldn't call what you are driving in 'pavement' anymore. It's more like various strata of potholes that have been filled at different times over the past century
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  7. There's a man urinating on the side of a fence
    To be fair, that happens on the MD side as well
  8. All of the road identifiers are appended with the word 'unit' for some reason
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    Is that meant to be a phallic reference?