There are celebrity/product pairings that just make sense. For example: some marketing genius realized that Sam Elliot's voice would sell a shitload of beer. But the minute he gets a DUI MillerCoors will stop payment on that check faster than you can say "Kewers." The pairings below are just ball-slappingly insane for all parties involved.
  1. Josh Duggar for Trojan Condoms
    ...for so many reasons.
  2. Rachel Dolezal for Jheri Curl
  3. Caitlyn Jenner for Mirena IUDs
    ...or Cadillac Escalade
  4. Vladimir Putin for Hasbro's Risk boardgame
  5. Tom Brady for Fix-a-Flat
  6. Rick Santorum for Astroglide
    ...also, for so many reasons.