There's a wookie on my coffee creamer. Maybe that will make more sense after I see The Force Awakens -perhaps there's a sub-plot involving Chewie getting burned by hot coffee.
  1. Burger King commercial where Bane is working the drive thru
    "The burning brother"
  2. Life of Pi on the Frosted Flakes box
  3. The Cochran Firm commercials shot as if they exist in the universe of The Invention of Lying
  4. Bombay Sapphire Gin and any James Bond movie
    This has probably happened, I'm too lazy to check
  5. McCormick spices and Dune (1984)
    "The spice must flow" -slogan for limited edition "Melange" by McCormick
  6. Billy Bob Thornton's character from Sling Blade shilling Ore-Ida company's 'French Fried Taters'
  7. Hand sanitizer and either Outbreak, or more recently, Contagion
  8. The Exorcist's Regan in full Pazuzu makeup on every label of Campbell's Split Pea Soup