1. "...[well that's the news]. Now time for the weather. Tiffany?" -Russell Edgington, True Blood
    I tack thus onto a really long story that my audience (usually my wife) has grown tired of.
  2. "You know how on St. Bart’s people be eating their lobster like this? Nyoooom, nyoooom, nyoooom, nyoooom." -Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock
    My go-to for describing someone who is rich, out-of-touch, and oblivious.
  3. "That escalated quickly" "[He's] in a glass case of emotion" Ron Burgundy, Anchorman
    Describing my kid's tantrums
  4. "Find the will" Carlisle from *sigh* Twilight
    Whenever the wife and I struggle to get out if bed.
  5. "More fish for Kunta!"-Lavar Burton, Community
    When my son doesn't want to eat any of his food.
  6. "Its got what plants crave" -Idiocracy
    Whenever I have to defend some ridiculous process that can't be changed.
  7. "Narm" (Nate Fischer, six feet under)
    Whenever I realize that what I'm saying doesn't actually make sense, and I might be facing an aneurism.