1. Do I have enough in my 401k to repurpose an old ICBM silo into a doomsday bunker? 🤔
  2. Some of the angry, rage filled, ones I've been having lately
    Suggested by @kate81
  3. Will I have to take some sort of Ancestry DNA test to figure out where in Africa they will send me "back" to? Also, do they realize we didn't come here on our own?
    Yes, the twitter eggs have repeatedly said "if you don't like it here, go back where you came from" and I like to remind them, there is no way of knowing.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  4. Nothing can ruin my day more than hearing the president of the US on the radio
    Suggested by @estherlimtf
  5. I think a lot about the 53% of white women who sold us out. Also I'm embarrassed every time I see or hear 45 speak. I was always so proud of Obama. Now I just want to constantly apologize to the rest of the world for what we did. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Suggested by @hillary79
  6. Wondering what the world thinks about us now.
    My husband sent this to me today-yep, that's about right 😬
    Suggested by @angela3950