1. End of Days, this scene:
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    Hard to tell from the low-res pic, but yes, that is Arnold Schwarzenegger being crucified on the side of a skyscraper in New York
  2. Just that one time really
    I'm not even religious, but I just couldn't handle the ridiculousness of Ahhnold as a stand-in for Jesus. The sacred juxtaposed with the profane. The campiest meat-head action star, suffering for all of us: and it was NOT played for laughs. I cannot stress that enough. In no way did the creators of this movie intend this to be anything other than a somewhat tragic high-tension scene where the protagonist hits his nadir.
  3. But it was so awkward you guys
    Uncontrollable. Loud. Laughter. I don't think anyone in the theater could hear any actual dialogue for a good 6-7 minutes.
  4. The theatre was so crowded...
    No one else thought it was funny.
  5. And dead silent
    For real- it was like a funeral in there
  6. I'm pretty sure this means I have some terrible undiscovered psychological problem
    I could tell from all the stink-eyes that everyone else in the audience came to that conclusion.
  7. At least in the future they'll be able to diagnose those afflicted by having them watch this movie and gauge their reaction