My favorite white rapper. Also my favorite scientologist. The liner notes in the album just had question marks for that one word in the song. It's likely to remain a mystery...
  1. Sun-eyed
    Google Play seems to think it should be 'sun-eyed' but that's exactly what an algorithm would think. Beck, as evidenced by his mid-nineties interview with Tori Amos is obviously on another plane of existence, and therefore could not be predicted by something so mundane
  2. Soma
    As in, the drug from Brave New World? This girl is like a drug to me? Damn, Beck: please don't go all Stephanie Meyer on me.
  3. Sunna
    Germanic goddess of the sun?
  4. Sooner
    Sooner than what?
  5. Summer
    Seems like the lamest of all my guesses
  6. Soma
    The lingerie company?
  7. So 'nah'
    That girl is so...'nah'
  8. Sunnah this song about Islam somehow?
  9. sonar
    maybe she has bat-like abilities.
    Suggested by @brook_ashley