I realize there's a lot of terrifying shit in the news right now, but this huge step in gender equality is falling through the cracks unnoticed.
  1. Women have fought, bled, and died in every one of our wars
  2. Every argument against women serving in combat roles was complete patriarchal bullshit
    This deserves a list unto itself, but most of that nonsense can be summed up thusly: [Barney Fife voice] "Lady soldiers! If we give them guns, what'll happen when they get their periods?"
  3. The existing double standard created an atmosphere of resentment and hypocrisy.
    The opposite of a 'Force Multiplier.' (A Force Divider?) Male leaders would always have the excuse to act patronizing to their female comrades and subordinates. Female service members would always have to question if they were victims of tokenism or discrimination, even if neither situation existed.
  4. Denying this right was a huge stumbling block to gender equality.
    The military is a microcosm of our culture. By denying women the right to protect their country, face the same dangers, and make the same sacrifices as men, there would always be a replenishing old guard if patriarchs to argue that women *can't* do those things. And then hypocritically argue against other forms of equality in the grounds of not 'pulling their weight.'