Inspired by @mattan (original list: Words I Thought Made Up the Chorus of "Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys Until Five Minutes Ago ) It is with great shame that I admit that not all of these are fake. No idea how the old post was deleted but here it is again for anyone that cares.
  1. Well now don't chew deli meat deuces mile
  2. Use dick around it'll make it twitch, you wild
  3. Like namaste gone, watch Hu Jintao
    I really thought this was the line, until I googled it.
  4. Famous beat cursors- so versatile
  5. Style? Profile. Asshat
  6. it always makes me rabid when I hear ew! chai!
  7. From the Hudson River out to the Nile
  8. I wrote the merry thong to the verily, smile
  9. Well if you battle me I'll peel bro vile
  10. People always sting my stylies while
  11. You've got Gaul you've got Kyle
  12. Step to me, I'm a rad bro file
  13. If you won a paddle your indie now
  14. Coming from your anus to jack my style
  15. Go on, Ed while my rhymes hot child
  16. Gallstone off, end her exile
  17. Chaz and egg walled, that's All-team
  18. Step bus at the party disrobe Theo's screen
  19. When idioms do beads Willem offering
  20. I lack meshuganah coughing cream
  21. Keep it goin x3 full steam
  22. Two's, et tu beet? To Sourdough: masturbate me
  23. When all the tough guys stall I'm not Duke, King
  24. Time to change the world, All apply this cream
  25. Mario! See like Stu- keep it clean
  26. Gonna shine like tea soy bean
  27. Key bond rabbit cuts a Morrissey
  28. Gitmo defrost, stick it to Lee
  29. When it gumshoe ending? Haul Ice Cream
  30. Cellos up the rind Ayn Rand Poutine
  31. Another dimension nude callously
  32. Intergalactic planetary
  33. From the fallacy of voles who hip, pop!
  34. Kick of the hooves of your Lexus, Jacque
  35. The virus it spreads jostle Ike: a box
  36. Cuz the muse, it's louder like electric shock
  37. I am known to 'doo dah wop'
  38. What's so low kinetic fin store fop?
  39. Tammy D getting busy on a crock
  40. Bee sting poison it letter beat...mmmm..drop?
  41. Now when I broke a fiddy my neighbors stop
  42. If my rat suit ma beats this doc
  43. 'Cept from the paper when I start to jot
    Yup. This is exactly what I thought the line was for many years
  44. Ima, lemme jack a jay at rock
  45. If you China, not me, Yule gebt nacht
  46. All-star forewarn, knew my walk
    I was so proud of myself when I figured this out that my ringtone was "I'll stir-fry you in my wok" for at least a year
  47. Your muses shart shakin and vinegars pop
  48. Like a bench of the neckbeard, Mr. Spock