I watch a lot of movies. Here are my faves. Not all made in 2015, FYI.
  1. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl
    The only book-made-movie where the movie was SO much better than the book.
  2. Spotlight
    my favorite of the entire year.
  3. Stanford Prison Experiment
    Fucked up in the most satisfying way.
  4. Rudderless
  5. Age of Adaline
    I was all over this shit. And yes, it was shit. And I loved it.
  6. Mad Max
    Most watched in theaters movie of 2015.
  7. Two Night Stand
    I love Miles Teller and Annaleigh Tipton dearly and I never wanted this movie to end.
  8. Liberal Arts
    This movie was well layered. A bit predictable, a bit annoying, but I still enjoyed it.
  9. Dear Zachary
    I can't recommend this movie because it's so awful, but it'll change your life.
  10. Beginners
  11. Hector and the search for Happiness
    Just great.
  12. Virunga
  13. Nightcrawler
    The best true crime film I've ever seen. GET WITH ME, JAKE!
  14. Short Term 12
    I watched this and turned to Seth and said, "I wish every movie was this movie."
  15. The Babadook
    I've heard a lot of people say they had issues with this movie, but I don't want to hear it because I loved every aspect of it.
  16. It Follows
    BEST horror film I've seen not only this year but all years.
  17. Seeking A Friend for the End of the World
  18. The Skeleton Twins
    SUCH a tremendously moving and real movie. I cried and simultaneously became bi for Bill & Kristen.
  19. Cake
    Jennifer Aniston completely SLAYS in this film.
  20. Happy
    Such a great little documentary.
  21. Begin Again
    I've downloaded and memorized this entire sound track. Also, MARK RUFFALO YESSSSS
  22. Zodiac
  23. Room
    Read the book. Watch the movie. Fall in love with Brie Larsen. Repeat.