Family folklore off the top of my head as it was told to me. This story is one of many that really stuck with me as a kid.
  1. My dad was working as a clerk for a judge in DC in the late 80s
    He and my mom had recently married. She was a nurse. They were looking for next steps.
  2. They met in New Jersey while in school. My dad was born in Brooklyn whereas my mom was an Air Force kid.
    They identified as east-coasters, through and through.
  3. My dad, having clerked for a federal judge for a couple years at that point, received an offer from a law firm.
  4. It was a new firm—all the way out in Orange County, CA.
    It was a pretty unbeatable offer, but a cross-country move was a big deal.
  5. My grandfather was a federal judge, kind of law role model to my dad. Here he is, courtesy of image search~
    Not to diminish the influence of his mom, a lawyer and mother of 12
  6. He wasn't too keen on sending my dad all the way out to California.
    New York and DC just made sense.
  7. One night, he was at dinner with Justice Scalia.
    They were Italian buds.
  8. My grandfather explained the situation to him, almost presenting it in a way as to brush it off as a non-option.
  9. Scalia looked him straight in the eyes.
  10. "Ed, let him go."
    Forceful, direct, convincing.
  11. So no matter how I feel about his decisions, I'm just a little bit indebted to this man for helping bring me my stellar beachside childhood & my dad the opportunity to thrive as he has.
    RIP. Hope you're having some delicious chicken parm and intelligent conversation with grandpa up there.