I'm Scrooge! Deal with it!
  1. Last Christmas by Wham!
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    A few covers are acceptable but not most
  2. Christmas at the Airport by Nick Lowe
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    Perfectly depressing and hilarious
  3. Got Something for You by Best Coast & Wavves
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    Cute and fun but also just enough Christmas
  4. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Phil Spector & Darlene Love
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    This one is almost pushing it but it makes me feel classy if I'm in the mood
  5. Some of the Vince Guaraldi Charlie Brown jams
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  6. I was going to pick more songs and put them in a cute lil Spotify playlist for y'all but five songs does not a playlist make. Also I can't think of any more. Merry Draftmas; I'm a bigger Scrooge than I thought!